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SJREI Committee

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SJREI Committee

Social Justice, Racial Equity, and Inclusion Committee (SJREI)

SJREI Overview

Goal:  Ensure all SJREI committee members develop a strong understanding of racial and social equity and engage in a culture of inclusion as committee values. Each member develops competencies and identifies opportunities to advance racial and social equity from their own unique role within the committee and/or their agency. SJREI nurtures an identity centered on inclusion and belonging across agencies, positions, class and race.

Committee Objectives:

Objective 1:  To ensure the SJREI’s mission reflect an ongoing commitment to an organizational culture of inclusion and belonging

Objective 2:  To support and provide a safe space for affinity groups – offer group conversations, book clubs, and other creative strategies designed to give a foundation of practical knowledge about EDI and how to apply it to their work/agency.

Objective 3:  To develop a SJREI framework that articulates the vision to successfully integrate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) across the association and organizations. The EDI framework will be an ever-evolving document and should be used as a foundational tool to support the achievements of MRPA’s vision for EDI.


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