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MRPA Annual Showcase Awards

MRPA Annual Showcase Awards

The deadline for the following awards is September 28, 2023.  These awards will be given out at the Fall Membership Meeting.

Landscape Site Award

  • Presented to a public or private agency for their contributions to a natural or designed park landscape in the state
  • Must submit a maximum of ten pictures (on disc or paper)
  • Must include a 1,000 word maximum description of project
  • Must be usable for recreational purposes with the primary emphasis on landscape design
  • Need not be a member of MRPA

Writing, Research, or Audio Visual Award

  • Must be a published writing, researched or audio Visual publication which has enhanced MRPA or the profession of parks and leisure services.
  • Contribution may be at national, state or local level
  • Example of publication or production must Accompany the nomination
  • Research must have occurred within the past 5 years
  • Need not be member of MRPA

"The Maryland My Maryland" Special Event/Festival of the Year Award

  • The event shall be held between January and December of prior year
  • Recognizes and promotes a Maryland way of life
  • Have made outstanding contributions to enrich the lives of individuals or groups in neighborhoods or communities in recreation, parks, or conservation
  • Need not be a member of MRPA
  • Event may be recognized once every five years

Raising Up Award

  • Presented to public departments/agencies for partnering or collaborating with another city, county, state or national agency to create a unique and creative recreation program for the enhancement of the community.
  • The partnership/collaboration can also be interdepartmental with the same municipal agency.
  • Program should have been held within the last two years.
  • Include a description of the program with photos.
  • One agency must be an agency member of MRPA.

Community Organization Award

  • Volunteer group/organization within the state which has contributed outstanding service within the past two years to the parks, recreation and leisure profession
  • Need not to be a member of MRPA

Community Volunteer Award

  • An individual recognized for outstanding service to a local/community park, recreation or leisure program within the state
  • Emphasis on leadership and/or significant contribution to an activity or program
  • Only service during the past five years will be considered
  • Need not be a member of MRPA

Marketing and Communications Awards

Activity Guide

Award for the best quarterly or seasonal recreation and park guide distributed to the public. Entries should reflect a broad and diverse range of activities, facilities, and programs. Entries will be judged for cover design, content, readability, and the use of graphics and photos, presentation of theme and agency image. Submit one copy of a single issue with a maximum 1x guide per agency.

Facility Brochure

Award for the best brochure spotlighting a specific facility (park, community or sports center) first distributed from . The facility must be affiliated with a parks and recreation agency. Entries will be judged on design, readability, use of graphics/ photos, presentation of facility and identification with the agency. Ability to persuade/inform the public will also be considered. Submit one brochure with a maximum of 1x brochure per agency.


Award for the best photo promoting the value of Maryland parks & Recreation from . Entries will be judged on creativity, composition and quality. Original photography only, no stock photos. Minimum size of the submitted photo should be 5” X 7” or submitted digitally on JPEG format (submit via email). Maximum of 1x photo per agency.

Program Flyer

Award for the best flyer promoting a specific parks and recreation program activity occurring from . Entries will be judged on readability, creativity, use of graphics and complete-ness of information for the public. Submit one flyer for each program with a maximum of 1x flyer per agency.

Program Logo

Award for the best development of a logo to identify a park and recreation program or special event (sports, children’s or arts program, etc.) occurring from . Entries will be judged on creativity and use of the logo in print. Submit one color photo or graphic rendition of the logo, not greater than 8” X 10” with a maximum of 1x logo per agency.

Special Event Publication

Award for the best poster, brochure or other printed material promoting a special event occurring from . Submissions may include festivals, sporting events, fairs, etc. Entries will be judged on readability, creativity, and use of graphics. Submit one copy of each publication with a maximum of 1x publication per agency.

Social Media

Award for the best interactive marketing from . Submissions may include: social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, etc. Entries will be judged on content, design, ease of use, currency and public input. Submit one printout of the entry. Maximum of 1x entry per agency.


Award for an agency website that communicates and promotes the value of public recreation and parks on the internet. Entries will be judged on content, design, ease of use and currency of information. Submit website address, plus a print-screen of your website to ensure the full page is viewable.

Please Note:

Please be sure to upload all supporting documents required for each award!

Award Nominations will be judged on the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Aesthetics
  • Uniqueness of Design
  • Vandal resistance
  • Appropriate relationship to the setting
  • Economy of Design
  • Quality of Design
  • Maintenance consideration
  • Popularity
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