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Conference General Info & FAQ’s

2025 General Information & FAQ's

This is my first time attending MRPA, is there anything specific I should know?

Welcome! We are so excited you will be joining us this year! We plan on having a “First Timers Meet and Greet” where you will get lots of great information and can meet other first-time attendees. The best advice is to get involved, get to know others in the various sessions, go to the socials, and be sure to attend your particular branch meeting.


When does the Early Bird Discount expire?



Hotel room availability


What meals are included with registration?

  • Tuesday 
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday


Are there specific tracks this year?

  1. Maintenance and Capital Operations
  2. Nature and Conservation Efforts
  3. Programming and Services
  4. Career Development
  5. Administrative Services


When will the educational session list come out?

The education committee will be making their selection for sessions in December.  They will post their selections/schedule in early 2025 (Jan or Feb).  Stay tuned!


Is there a golf tournament this year?

Yes, the golf tournament is back this year and on-site!  


Is there a miniature golf tournament this year?



Is there a silent auction this year?

Yes!  More information to come.  Get your agency baskets together now!


Anything else new this year?


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