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2024-2025 MRPA Board Ballot

Welcome to the 2024-2025 MRPA Board Ballot!

This ballot is your opportunity to help shape the future of the MRPA. Our association is at a pivotal moment, looking forward to advancing our mission, expanding our reach, and enhancing our impact within the community. The elected board members will play a crucial role in guiding the MRPA through strategic decisions, governance, and advocacy over their term.

Election Date: February 22, 2024 - March 14, 2024

Who Can Vote:  Eligibility voters include all MRPA Active Members.

Meet the Candidates: Each candidate has provided a statement outlining their vision, experience, and what they hope to achieve if elected to the board. We encourage all members to read these statements carefully to make an informed decision.

Positions Available:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer-Elect
  • Board Secretary
  • Equity Officer

How to Vote:

Due to individuals voting multiple times, we have updated our election process.  You should have received an email on 2/23/23 from Election Runner, with a direct link to vote in the election along with your auto generated Voter ID and Voter Key. When you click the link, the election will open up on your device’s browser and you will be automatically logged in to vote.

If you previously voted within your "Member Info Hub," you will need to submit your vote again.  Votes submitted through the "Member Info Hub," will not be used in the voting process.

If you did not receive an email to submit your vote, please send an email to with the following information...

  • Full Name
  • Email Address

This new election software will help prevent multiple submissions, will allow only MRPA Members to vote, and help the election committee to provide correct voting results.

Important Dates:

  • Ballot Open Date: February 22, 2024
  • Ballot Close Date: March 14, 2024
  • Election Results Announcement: Results will be announced via email and the MRPA newsletter.

Additional Information: For more detailed information about the election process, candidate bios, and position descriptions, please continue to scroll down on this page.  If you have questions about the voting process, please contact the Election Committee (Nancy Pfeffer:

Your Vote Matters: As a member of MRPA, your vote is a powerful tool in shaping the direction and leadership of our association. We thank you in advance for your participation and commitment to our collective future.


Jake C

Jake Chesnutt

Jake Chesnutt (he/him), CPRE, believes that MRPA—and parks and recreation—is at its best when its leaders are finding paths forward and breaking down barriers. He believes that, to unite our members to provide the best services throughout Maryland, we need to find creative solutions and have difficult conversations. By embodying collaboration and transparency in word and action, MRPA can demonstrate integrity and illustrate our shared, strategic vision.

Jake serves on the Conference Committee and Professional Certification Board; has previously served as Vice President, Treasurer and RALS Branch Chair; and graduated from Leadership Institute. He has served on several committees, including Education, Member Engagement, Finance, and Strategic Planning. He also serves as Chair of Greenbelt’s Park and Recreation Advisory Board, and as Treasurer of OutGrown, a nonprofit that empowers families with children to experience the benefits of growing up in nature.

He joined Howard County Recreation and Parks in 2009 and transitioned to M-NCPPC in 2013, where he currently serves as an Assistant Division Chief in the Department of Parks and Recreation, Prince George’s County. Outside of work, Jake enjoys running (road or trail), hiking, camping, kayaking or otherwise getting outside with his wife and son.

Carrie Sprinkle

Carrie Sprinkle

Carrie Sprinkle is a 2007 graduate of the Environmental and Forestry College of Syracuse University where she double majored in Outdoor Recreation Management and Pre-Law/Environmental Studies. Carrie started her Parks and Recreation career with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation where she worked seasonally in parks maintenance and campground operations for six years. After graduating from Syracuse, she managed the Community Recreation Center at Grand Canyon National Park. Carrie moved to Maryland in 2011 where she began her career with Frederick County Parks and Recreation. She is currently the Recreation Supervisor of Community Recreation. In her spare time she loves spending time outside hiking, biking, and camping as well as supporting her son in youth sports.

Carrie became involved with MRPA shortly after moving to Maryland. She graduated from the Rich Stevenson Leadership Institute in 2018 and served on the committee for many years. Carrie chaired Professional Learning Communities, was on the committee for Operations University, and is Co-Chairing Operation University this year. Her love for both the parks and recreation fields as well as building communities through team building, sharing knowledge, and networking make her an excellent candidate for MRPA’s president elect.

Jessica Cook Thomas

Jessica E. Cook-Thomas

Jessica E. Cook-Thomas, Regional Coordinator with Baltimore County Recreation and Parks Department (BCRP) is a class of 2020 graduate of the Rich Stevenson Leadership Institute, former Vice President, member at large of the MRPA RALS Branch, member of SJREI and Conference Registration and Sneaker Ball Committees. Beginning her career over 30 years programming for Early Childhood Education Centers, Jessica’s career later developed as Risk Manager and Assistant General Manager of Baltimore’s premier multifunctional center, Shake and Bake Family Fun Center, while it was under private contract. Jessica joined the BCRP family and progressed through the ranks from Recreation Assistant to Leader, Center Director and District Area Manager before transitioning from Baltimore City to Baltimore County Recreation and Parks where she is currently serving as Regional Coordinator for Department Directed Programs. In this role Jessica supervises and administers the staff, programming and community engagement of recreation activity centers, Therapeutic Recreation services, and Department Special Events. Jessica is CPRP certified and trauma-informed care and Youth Mental Health First Aid trained. She has been a member of the Baltimore County University of Maryland Extension Advisory Council and humbly accepts the nomination of President Elect where she will be honored to represent the membership and work diligently to build, strengthen and reinforce the connections within the state and neighboring jurisdictions.

Vice President

Untitled design (2)

Cliff Driver

Cliff Driver is a Recreation and Parks Maintenance Coordinator for the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation with over thirty years of experience in Parks and Open Space with a concentration in outdoor recreational space management in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Mr. Driver collaborated with agency directors throughout Maryland to co-develop the Maryland Parks and Recreation “Operations University” to provide educational and professional development for our membership along with numerous presentations and educational events for Park sustainability, data driven decision making, mentorship, professional development and training, budget, hiring and onboarding advancements, and industry collaboration.

Mr. Driver focuses on identifying and implementing innovation and improving technology and data opportunities towards efficiency, environmental preservation, fiscal responsibility, and recreation safety. Cliff has collaborated with local, state, and federal elected officials for industry advancement towards Parks and Recreation advocacy for funding, education, and policy development. Mr. Driver holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Tennessee and is currently pursuing his master’s in business administration. Cliff graduated from the first Rich Stevenson Leadership Institute in 2015 and has since given numerous presentations for Operations University, Leadership Institute, Recreation University presentations at past MRPA conferences. He has also been Chair and co-chair of the MRPA Equipment and Material Show to generate revenue for agency education, events, and scholarships while providing collaboration opportunities between agency members and our valued commercial membership community.

Mr. Driver’s passion for industry progress and collaboration throughout Maryland make him an excellent candidate for this year’s Maryland Parks and Recreation Vice President.

jordan perry 1

Jordan Perry

Hey everyone, Jordan Perry here! Remember me?

I’m the guy with a big smile and boundless energy for Recreation and Parks(R&P). I'm honored to be nominated for MRPA Vice President and let me tell you why you should let me work for you.

My love for recreation and parks started when I was young, volunteering at 11 and working in programs at the City of Rockville by 15. After graduating from UMD, I dove headfirst into a professional R&P career to CHAMPION the wonderful impact R&P gives our community. Guided by my passion and armed with knowledge from the MRPA Leadership Academy, networking, and workshops, I’ve successfully spent the last six years creating fun and engaging Teens, Sports, and Adventure programs in Rockville. I couldn’t think of anything else I would want to do.

But I wanted to do more! That's why I've been actively involved in MRPA, chairing conference committees and engaging members. Now, it’s time to take the next step and serve as Vice President of MRPA.

As VP, I'll team up with the Board to CHAMPION your growth. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned pro, I want to ensure that MRPA continues to give you the support and opportunities you need to succeed in your career.

Remember, I'm Jordan: passionate, dedicated, and always smiling! Vote for me, and let's recreate the future of R&P, together!

Julija Sajauskas

Julija Sajauskas

Julija Sajauskas has more than 18 years of professional service and is an advocate of health, inclusivity, and sustainability. She has earned a MS from Frostburg State University and BS from Radford University, both in recreation and parks management. She has maintained her CPRP for over a decade, and proudly earned her AFO in 2023.


She currently serves as a center manager for Howard County Recreation & Parks at Roger Carter Community Center in Ellicott City. Just this year she served as cochair on MRPA’s Conference Education Committee, helped organize the first ever 2SLGBTQIA+ Summit, and advised on Recreation University.

Julija also sits on Columbia Association’s Climate Change & Sustainability Advisory Committee.

She grew up in a multigenerational household speaking fluent Lithuanian. She continues to embrace her heritage by serving the Baltimore Lithuanian community through community engagement events and programs.

Julija resides in Catonsville with her wife and son.

Annie Sanchez

Annie Sanchez

Annie Sanchez is Community Supervisor II with Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks. She currently manages Oregon Ridge Lodge and Park. Annie has served the constituents of Baltimore County for 25 years. Prior to her tenure with Baltimore County, Annie was a Kindergarten Teacher. She holds a degree in Teacher Education.

Since joining MRPA in 2016, she has enjoyed serving on several MRPA Committees including Banquet Committee, Awards Committee, and 2024 Leadership Institute Committee.

Annie’s passion for service to others and supporting youth recreational programming is a lifelong. She has volunteered for, and coordinated, many recreational opportunities including youth soccer, Young Marines, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church youth recreation, and after-school programs.

Annie has two adult children and currently lives with her husband in Phoenix, MD.

Annie is honored to have been nominated for MRPA Vice President. It would be her great pleasure to bring her organizational skills, drive, and passion for parks and recreation to help this organization grow and accomplish its purpose “To unite our members and provide the best recreation and parks services throughout Maryland”. She is committed to the values of MRPA by developing leaders, engaging in lifelong learning, and connecting people through laughter and fun.



Tammy Castillo

Tam Castillo is the Project Manager for M-NCPPC Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation, Information Technology Services Division. Prior to her transition to the M-NCPPC, she worked with the City of Gaithersburg for 18 years. Tam worked in various departments including Planning and Code Administration, Finance and Administration, Information Technology and Parks, Recreation and Culture. After working as the Project Manager during the recreation software implementation in 2017 she shifted gears to join Parks and Recreation. She served as an Administrative Support Specialist for four years managing and supporting various Recreation Software Systems.

As a graduate of the MRPA Ritch Stevenson Leadership Institute Class of 2021-2022 she expanded her knowledge of Recreation and Parks. She continued to serve on the committee for the Class of 2023 and currently serves as a Co-Chair for the Class of 2024. She became a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP) in December 2022.  She has been a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) since March 2018.

She would love to continue to serve the MRPA community as the next Treasurer-Elect.

LaKeisha Simmons

LaKeisha Simmons

LaKeisha Simmons currently serves as the Recreation Division Chief for the City of Annapolis Recreation & Parks Department. She has worked for the City of Annapolis for eight years, serving in various positions, from Customer Service to Fitness, Aquatics, Special Events, Recreational Sports, and Summer Camps. LaKeisha has a love for recreation that began as a child attending day camps, classes, and programs at neighborhood recreation centers. She believes in working to enrich the quality of life by providing recreational, educational, and wellness programs in facilities, parks, and waterways. LaKeisha is dedicated to the well-being of the community and finding ways for everyone to fully enjoy all the benefits that Recreation & Parks has to offer.  She is excited about the possibility of serving MRPA as Treasurer.

”Recreation is not just a break from work; it’s a vital part of a fulfilling life. In play, we discover who we are and embrace the joy that makes us whole.”  – Dr. Stuart Brown

Board Secretary

Rachel Carr

Rachel Carr

Rachel Carr is an excellent and strong candidate for MRPA’s Secretary this year. Rachel brings a unique perspective to MRPA being that she has worked for Montgomery Parks on both the maintenance side and the developmental/construction side. She was an important part of creating the Operations University, which has helped MRPA be more diverse and inclusive in its educational offerings. Rachel understands the importance of reaching and impacting operations professionals as well as recreation professionals to make our service to our communities the best it can be. Rachel reaches and impacts both sides of our profession through MRPA not only by cochairing Operations University this year, but she has also served on the Ritch Stevenson Leadership Institute committee.

While Rachel has achieved a lot professionally, she also is active in her community personally. Rachel created a non-profit called Ride for Responders that supports local volunteer fire departments through community events such as hosting dances, bull and oyster roasts, and an annual horse show. Rachel enjoys staying busy and challenging herself. Along with running her non-profit, she is currently working on her PhD in Earth System Sciences and Processes. Rachel is a very organized and structured individual who can handle many projects or tasks simultaneously and would make a great secretary.

David McNair

David A. McNair

David A. McNair District Area Manager—East Baltimore I

David A. McNair is an excellent candidate for the Board Secretary position at MRPA. He knows the importance of people and community. In addition, he understands the importance of effective leadership and investing in people. Mr. McNair demonstrated this by evolving from Recreational Leader II to Center Director II within a year and a half. As a Center Director, he applied his 15 years of experience in recreation program management. He created programs and events that inspired East Baltimore. Mr. McNair built partnerships that shaped the community. He was promoted to District Area Manager in East Baltimore and continues to demonstrate Excellence in Leadership.

Mr. McNair’s passion continues through his accomplishments. He completed the Leadership Exploration Program (LEAD) Class of 2021. He graduated from MRPA Ritch Stevenson Leadership Institute Class of 2023. The Baltimore City Mayor’s Office also recognized him as the 2023 Supervisor of the Year nominee for recreation. His experience includes participation and chairing two committees at BCRP. Mr. McNair will continue to apply the same dedication and forward movement as the Board Secretary of MRPA. His motivation to see people change and thrive is even more reason to elect him as Board Secretary.

Equity Officer

Alexandria Wilson

Alexandria Wilson

Alexandria Wilson is a graduate of Frostburg State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Parks Management and has a Master’s in Project Management from University of Maryland University College.  Currently, Alexandria works as the Facility Director of Suitland Community Center with the Maryland – National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC).

Outside of her work with M-NCPPC, Alexandria has been an active member of the National Recreation and Parks Association and has taken it upon herself to volunteer to assist with the National Congress for multiple years. She has also been an active member of the Maryland Recreation and Parks Association over the last 15 years or so, even serving as the Branch Chair of the Recreation and Leisure Services. Alexandria is a Certified Recreation and Parks Professional and a Certified Festival and Event Associate.

Alexandria can often be found teaching adults to swim at the Greenbelt Fitness and Aquatic Center. She finds it to be fulfilling watching as the skill sets finally click for those adults especially when they can say they learned from someone who looks like them. Alexandria can also often be found running away into the woods camping somewhere. She used to go camping with her family when she was younger and reconnected with it during the pandemic. The peace that comes from listening to nature while sitting around a campfire is calming and wonderful for improving mental health. Recreation at its core, is about improving one’s quality of life. Alexandria enjoys offering opportunities to do just that for the communities she’s served over the years. It’s why she’s has worked in the field for so long after graduating in this field of study . . . and she’s not done yet!

Noah Headshot

Noah Callahan

Noah Callahan is the Sports Complex Supervisor for Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks at the Arundel Olympic Swim Center He has worked for Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks since 2010 becoming full time in January 2021. He is a jack of all trades. As a graduate of the MRPA Ritch Stevenson Leadership Institute Class of 2022-2023 he expanded his knowledge of Recreation and Parks. He continued to serve within MRPA becoming Chair for the inaugural 2SLGBTQIA+ Summit and is on the Social Justice Racial Equity Inclusion committee. He is currently on the MRPA Conference marketing subcommittee. He became a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP) in September 2023. I would like to continue working toward making our state as inclusive and diverse in policies and procedures for its employees as well as our patrons so Recreation and Parks can be a place for all and not just words but with actions and education. He would love to continue to serve the MRPA community as the next Equity Officer.

Noah’s journey began in 2010 when he embarked on his career as a Seasonal Part-Time Lifeguard at Arundel Olympic Swim Center. He showed great leadership skills giving him more and more responsibility from Lifeguard, Supervisor to Facility Manager learning all different aspects of the Aquatics field. Becoming a Certified Lifeguard Instructor, Water Safety Instructor, Pool Operator. When he became full time with AACRP he continued to learn more becoming Certified as an Aquatics Facility Operator. He has served on the Mid-Level Manager Retreat Committee and co-chaired it in 2023. Has been chosen to be a part of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness Committee for AACRP. He has a love for providing great customer service to the county for which he serves and seeing how Recreation and Parks impacts its patrons daily. He loves creating programming for the community to expose more and more people to the world of recreation and parks.

Earldine Williams

Earldine Williams

Earldine Williams is a dedicated professional who has made a significant impact in the field of community engagement and recreation. Beginning her career Baltimore City Recreation and Parks as a community aide, where she organized and implemented several innovative community programs that increased participation.  Her passion for serving the community and creating positive experiences for individuals of all ages quickly earned her recognition and career progression.

Due to her exceptional work ethic and strong leadership skills, Earldine was quickly promoted to recreation leader. Recognizing her potential and dedication, Earldine was further promoted to the position of Center Director. As a center director, she oversaw the overall management of a recreational facility, including budgeting, programming, and facility maintenance. Under her leadership, the center became a thriving hub of community engagement, offering a wide range of recreational activities and services that catered to the diverse needs of the residents.

Currently, Earldine serves as an Operation Specialist 1. In this role she graduated from The Rich Stevenson Leadership Institute in 2023. During this time, she oversees multiple recreational facilities and is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans to enhance the quality of programs and services offered to the community.


Amy Vagnoni

Amy is the Chief of Recreation Services for Baltimore County Recreation and Parks. She is excited to provide parks and recreational opportunities for all people. She has worked in the field for 20 years, is excited to be a part of MRPA, and enjoys all that MRPA has to offer!

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